Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Our Chapter

MOMS Offering Moms Support

We are a local chapter of the International MOMS Club.   An international nonprofit organization, designed to support the stay at-home mom and part-time working mom.

We meet during the day, when the stay at-home mom needs the most support.  We believe that being a mom shouldn't isolate you.  So most of our events are kid friendly so that you can bring them along and all have fun!

Our chapter boundaries include all Marietta addresses east of highway I-75.

If you are interested in joining our chapter please send an email to our Membership VP at eastcobbmomsclub@gmail.com


Each month we plan a calender full of different activities for our Moms and their children. We offer a range of types of events.
Below are samples of some of the activities we've had on the calender before:

- Personal pizza making for the kids at a local pizza place

- Park play and lunch date

-Trip to the local aquarium

- Play date at local indoor kids play areas

- Music classes

- Lunch and snack dates with the kids

- Play dates at a local gymnastics center

- Mom's Night Out for the Moms once a month

For the safety of our members, we don't publicly post our calendar.  If you would like more information about these events please email our Membership VP at eastcobbmomsclub@gmail.com

How to Join

How to Join

MOMS Club® of Marietta- East, GA is open to all stay at home moms with Marietta addresses east of highway I-75.  It is also open to moms who work part-time, or have job flexibility allowing them to participate in daytime events and activities.

If you live within this area and would like to join, please email our membership vice president at eastcobbmomsclub@gmail.com

For more information about MOMS Club check out their website at www.momsclub.org

If you are interested in joining MOMS Club but live outside of this area.
Please contact International MOMS Club at:
            email them at support@momsclub.org
            by writing them at:
               International MOMS Club
               1464 Madera Rd #N 191
               Simi Valley, Ca 93065